About Spotable


  • Founders strike idea of Spotable October 2016
  • Spotable incorporated on February 27th 2017
  • Developer hired June 2017
  • March 2018 Spotable launches on the app store

Our Story
Founders Emily Hudson and Danny Diaz were roaming the famous streets of Calle Ocho in Miami’s historic and cultural backyard in search of a happy hour. That’s when they came across Ball & Chain, one of Miami’s oldest bars. With live music and half off craft cocktails, the founders loved the experience so much, it made them wonder how such a unique and authentic experience could be so difficult to discover.

After their experience at Ball and Chain, Danny and Emily started to notice that most lifestyle apps out there did not post about smaller, local experiences, but rather mainly about reviews, coupons, or large scale events. It was clear to them that for many people, it wasn’t easy to find out about authentic local experiences without sifting through blog after blog. And that’s how Spotable was born.

By offering its users information about events, promotions, and time sensitive offers, Spotable is helping those who struggle to find new things to do. Businesses no longer have to worry about heavily discounting their offers to get customers through the door and users no longer have to depend on word-of-mouth or in-mail coupons to find things to do. Spotable is here to help you discover fun.

Founders’ Bios
Emily Hudson, Co-Founder, Member, Co-CEO
Emily Hudson brings diverse business experiences and knowledge, from founding, owning, and managing a private and group music lessons company from 2010 to 2014, to founding, owning, and managing a print clothing company from 2009 to 2011. Both companies successfully turned a profit for years. Ms. Hudson also has experience working in various restaurants and researching restaurant operations to better understand the needs of restaurant business owners. Finally, Ms. Hudson has almost a year of experience working at UBS Wealth Management where she created investment portfolios, created what-if worksheets, did marketing work, and more, for over 50 clients ranging in portfolios of $100,000 to $10,000,000+. She has also had numerous leadership roles in high school and college as treasurer for National Honor Society and Alpha Kappa Psi, respectively.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Business Law with minors in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Miami. She graduated Cum Laude in May 2016.

Daniel Diaz, Co-Founder, Member, Co-CEO
Daniel Diaz is a graduate from the University of Miami School of Engineering who brings knowledgeable business experience through his post-grad career at Thyssenkrupp Elevator Americas. There, Daniel was in charge of working with current and new business partners in an effort to provide them with innovative solutions to modernize their facility’s elevator systems. He was often challenged with the task of implementing new technologies to improve facilities’ energy efficiency, overall function, and quality. Daniel managed portfolios and projects ranging from $70,000-$1.2M+.

Daniel had numerous leadership roles at the University of Miami as President of several programs and organizations, including the Commuter Student Organization and Great Start, a pre-orientation program for commuter students and has held leadership roles in the University’s Orientation program.

Daniel was also the key founder of the Norman C. Parsons Lifetime of Achievement Award, an award that recognizes faculty, staff and administration for a lifetime of achievement in the progress and experiences of students at the University of Miami.

What We Do
Make planning your days and nights easier and more fun with Spotable.

We want to be your go-to guide for finding the best local experiences.

No more browsing through hundreds of events for the perfect one. No more spending half an hour to find the perfect happy hour. Your next experience is waiting on the Spotable app.

Our team of content curators work relentlessly to find the most unique and interesting events and things to do for you. Our computer algorithms tailor content to your preferences. So you only see the things you want to see.

Look out for exclusive gifts, time sensitive deals, VIP experiences, and more.